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Bargain Hunting 101

2016 Jun 13 By Lara Walker

As a fashion lover, there isn’t a more uplifting compliment than something like “wow, I love your outfit” especially if it’s coming from another woman, because if you’re like me you enjoy dressing to impress yourself & fellow fashion loving females. It also makes it ten times better when you know you haven’t spent your life savings (and soul) on a single outfit.

The purpose of this blog post is to let you know that you can have a champagne taste wardrobe on a beer budget, you just need to know what to look for and where to look for it. Numerous times I have heard “I love your jacket, is that the one from Country Road” and more times than not I reply with “Actually this was a quarter of the price from (insert cheap chain store here.)” Most of the time they are gobsmacked, like I’ve discovered a new language.

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I must admit, I am a bit of a minimalist with most of my wardrobe consisting of black, grey, white and stripes. But I do believe these are must have colours to build any great wardrobe, which is why I look for these colour palettes when I’m out shopping and I recommend for others too as well. They will never go out of style and most of the time plain block shades like these make the materials look more expensive than what they really are. You can then build your outfits from there, adding colour if you like with a scarf, jewellery, a handbag etc.

Here’s a little break down of the stores where I find most of my bargain clothing items, most of these shops you probably know of & usually might walk past or have a quick skim but next time go in, spend some time in there & have a decent sift through the racks (I’m sure your partners will love that). No clothes rack shall be left behind. My three top picks recently are Temt, Ally Fashion & Valleygirl. Most of these stores do great staple pieces for any outfit that’s most probably cheaper than the meal you just ate out. If you love to follow trends, whether it be floral, pastels, denim etc then these shops are usually on trend and you won’t have to spend a small fortune on a jacket that might not be “in” next season.


Photo credit: Styles Weekly & Lara Walker

The other day I picked up 2 long sleeve dresses in black & grey (shock horror) & a leather look jacket from Valleygirl. The total price was $50.00. Now not to toot my own horn but have a look at the outfit below that I put together & you can be the judge whether you think it looks more exy than what it really was.

I find that online stores normally have more sales that you can’t usually find in store, and you have a better chance at more choices as there is better stock availability. Not to mention who doesn’t love sitting at home sloth like with your comfy clothes on, makeup off & hair in a messy bun doing some retail therapy. Asos is one of my favourite online stores that sell everything, and I mean everything. They always have bargains which include a up to 70% off outlet, and if you’re like me you go straight to the search from low to high prices (best.thing.ever).

Don’t get me wrong If I come past a big item like a pair of boots or good coat that I know will last me a couple of seasons I don’t mind spending the extra cash for something that is classified as better quality, you can always mix high end with low end. But next time you’re out shopping go into some stores that you wouldn’t usually venture in to and have a look around, try things on and you might really surprise yourself. Because let’s be honest do we really need another grey tee for $40 that we saw in Witchery and can we really tell the difference between that and a $10 one from Temt that will probably do the job just as well. Just a little thought.



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  • So agree on the importance of having your cheap wardrobe staples – they are essential!

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  • Great read!

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