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Beauty Must Haves

2016 Oct 02 By Lara Walker

Another day, another makeup tutorial I’m stalking on Youtube or Instagram trying to get that perfect highlight on my cheek bones or those amazing bouncy voluminous curls (sigh). Whether you’re a makeup & beauty lover or not, you have to admit there’s some pretty awesome products on the market now, that to me seem quite magical & can turn you from your morning drab to fab.

Photo credit: This is Glamorous

When I was younger I loved playing with my mum’s beauty products, that even included that bright purple nail polish I spilt on the cream carpet that I will never live down.  Then came the late 90’s early 00’s stage where I apparently loved blue eyeshadow with glitter on top, and how could I ever forget Lip Smackers that smelt so good that you would want to eat them (pretty sure I did that too).

There’s been so many fads in the beauty world but I feel like we’ve finally nailed it in 2016 wohooo, it only took many butterfly hair clips, over the top pink blush & crimped hair later. I’ve written a list of some of my favourite beauty products & what they do, I hardly go a day without using them. Hopefully they bring you a little bit of happiness like they do for me.

Bastiste Dry Shampoo- This is for days when you really can’t be bothered to wash your hair, you can use this bad boy to freshen up your hair & give it volume. It also can hide regrowth (score).


Napolean Perdis Auto Pilot Primer- This is a true gift from the gods, the best primer I’ve ever used. It slides on like a dream & keeps your makeup fresh all day. It is a bit pricey but its totally worth it. Remember, to not prime is a crime.

Starlet Liquid Eyeliner- This is a cheapy liquid eyeliner from Kmart but I’ve tried many high end eyeliners and I must say I’ve stuck with this one for years as it’s so easy to use & allows you to make the perfect winged eye. I don’t think I will stray from this one.

NARS The Multiple in Copacabana- I use this as an everyday highlighter for my cheek bones, the colour is amazing & gives you a natural glow all year round. Just wait till the sunlight hits your cheeks, it’s like unicorn dust has touched them. It’s also super easy to apply & not cakey.

Mac Faux Lipstick & Kylie Jenner Dolce K Lip Liner- My go to lip colour are these 2 mixed together, i get loads of people asking what colour I’m wearing & this is it. It’s the perfect everyday colour, a little bit of pink, mauve & nude. Delicious.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Gradual Tan- Last but not least I use this gradual tanner every night, because it’s a gradual tan & you can apply as little or as much as you like I find it doesn’t make you look orange but gives you more of a natural brown colour. I also find it doesn’t give you the typical trade marks of a fake tan like the orange wrists & elbows (we’ve all been there). Just don’t forget to exfoliate.

Have a try of these products & see if you love them as much as me.



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