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How to choose tapware?

2015 Jun 26 By Jessica Andrews

There are so many taps for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry spaces – the options can be overwhelming as we are all spoilt for choice.

Will you go for a three-piece tap or a mixer option? Standard outlet or wall outlet? One tap-hole basins, or no tap hole?

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Choose a Style

Aim to select tap ware that will complement the whole design of the bathroom. Aesthetics are important, but it is just as important that your tap ware is practical to use and simple to clean.

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Always keep in mind what your taps will be used for and the type of basin, sink or bath the water will flow into.
As an example, will a wash bucket glide in easily between your sink outlet and the laundry trough?
Some simple but very important decisions need to go into ensuring that your day to day tasks can be completed with ease.


Three-Piece or Mixer Tap

With prices on both these options being very similar, the choice is yours.


Three piece taps, whilst previously being quite traditional looking, are now on trend. If you're revamping an existing bathroom and updating only cosmetic details, you'll need to stick with what you already have - unless you're prepared to re-plumb the in-wall components and re-tile the area.


Mixers are versatile, don’t consume much space on your bench and are exceptionally simple to clean.
They typically suit a more modern styled bathroom.

    As you can see, there are so many options when choosing your bathroom taps. Ultimately, it comes down to you finding the right mix of design, functionality and durability. 

    The peace of mind knowing that the product will last a lifetime.


    What is WELS?

    The government initiated Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) is designed to help Australians make informed choices about the water efficiency of products and encourages water conservation.

    This rating system will help you:
    • Choose products that use less water but still offer quality and performance.
    • Determine how water efficient a product is compared to others in the same class.

    In addition to feeling good about conserving water, making well informed product choices can reduce energy bills (on products that use heated water) and reduce water utility costs (in areas where water is charged separately to rates), by choosing products that use less water but are still functional.

    Happy browsing!

    Jess XX



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