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Bringing the Green IN

2016 Jun 11 By Jessica Andrews

If you’re anything like me, a home isn’t a home unless there is an abundance of greenery to create a jungle vibe.

Bring the green indoors with some stunning indoor plants. Among other benefits indoor plants have been said to clean the air, reduce stress and increase concentration.

Check out some of these amazing indoor jungle spaces and different ways of bringing the green in.



Not only are wire plant stands totally stylish and an essential on trend item at the moment, but they are perfect for bringing plants to eye level to showcase them.

Melbourne brand Ivy Muse have been embraced by green thumbs for their innovative and simplistic wire plant stands.

Ivy Muse



Pot plants are perfect for succulents ferns and palm type plants. My recommendation if you are potting real plants is to put a smaller sized plant bucket inside the planter (just some of those cheapie plastic ones from Bunnings or Masters), as it’s important for the plants to have drainage to be happy and/or survive. 

I am in awe of this tranquil bathroom environment with the plants all clustered in one corner. Not only is it practical, but also less of a trip hazard for the clumsy (if you’re anything like me).

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a candlelit bath in this tropical bathroom?

The Loft

 Photo credit: The Loft Accommodation, Amsterdam


Hanging planters are our personal faves, for many reasons- but mostly for the lack of floor space that they occupy. If you're looking to inject greenery but you dont have the space for it, these babies are for you..

Photo credit: Domino


Important to know..

Unlike during the day-time, at night plants typically breathe like humans, absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide (obviously this isn’t ideal as we need as much oxygen as we can get while we sleep). However, a few plants – orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads – do the opposite, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Place these plants in bedrooms to refresh air during the night.

Tribeca Loft

Photo credit: Laura Moss for The New York Times

And by the way- if you dont have plants, or you're afraid that you will kill them, start with the hardy succulent varieties and work your way up from there. Greenery adds character, greenery is lush and adds a new dimension to your indoor space, greenery is good for you - so head to your local nursery and start building your jungle!!

Eden has a pretty amazing range of platers in stock, so feel free to check them out at your leisure by clicking here.

For those brave enough to take on the "parenting" role of those more difficult plants such as Fiddle Leaf Figs.. that's a topic I want to tap in on next.

XX Tarzan ;)



  • Have you recently introduced plants into your space? And if so, have you noticed a difference to your environment?
  • Have you got a space you would like to share? We would love to see it so make sure you tag #edenhomewares on Instagram so we can take a look!

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