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Happy space, happy mind...

2016 Jun 13 By Hannah Goodfellow

One thing I realised when I became an interior designer was that styling and designing little kiddies interiors is just the most fun I've ever had... and I also secretly want to be able live in these spaces ha!

The one thing I find most challenging with children spaces is that they need to be... fun, entertaining, a space for learning and comfort and I am always aware that children don't care about a big brand cushion or chest of drawers. But just as much as adults deserve a space that is catered to their wants, needs and desires, the kiddies do to. As all designers do, you try to create a space that is functional (and kid friendly, meaning SAFE) but also invites them in to want to play, learn and explore. A place that is truly their own, where they can feel welcome to be themselves and express that in a way that would never be judged.. a place of warmth.

Lilly & Lolly

Photo credit: Lilly & Lolly

I think it is important to remember that. At the end of the day, as nice as it is to be able to provide everything and more for children, sometimes a feeling or emotion is much more important. Parents young and old only want the best for their children and although interior design may not be the first channel you think of when trying to achieve this, I believe a safe and comfortable space for your children will do wonders for their imagination, creative spirit, happiness and just general well-being. 

Photo credit: On The Decorative Fringe

This mood board features beautiful and unique pieces from high-quality children's furniture store Lilly & Lolly. With stores in Sydney and Melbourne, Lilly & Lolly caters to parents in these areas providing furniture, decor and bedding to their little ones. The reason I love this business so much is because the pieces are all very high quality and each very individual and unique being handcrafted. 

Being in this industry, I come across a lot of businesses and brands that are selling the same thing to the public. What I find sets some brands apart is a personal approach - letting your clients know that if they do not find what they are looking for or if the service doesn't directly suit their needs you are willing to flex and customise a service that will suit their need exactly. Here at On the Decorative Fringe I try to let all my clients know that this is the case and be clear on all my social media platforms that even if they don't see a service advertised to make sure always to ask. We never want to turn down service to anyone.

Lilly & Lolly

Photo credit: Lilly & Lolly

This is why we love Lilly & Lolly so much because they make it clear that each piece may be discussed to custom to the clients needs or desire. They also have a vision and commitment to their clients that is truly unique and refreshing, taking an old-fashioned approach of one-on-one service with tips and tricks and ways in which to use the pieces that will work best as well as what they suggest for what clients should pair them with. It is nice to see these businesses not just providing the product but taking a genuine interest in their clients spaces. 

Lilly & Lolly

Photo credit: Lilly & Lolly

We really need suppliers and businesses like these to add a personal touch in the industry. I think each and every one of us know that we care about giving back and we care about supporting businesses that do so. Even if it is just a small touch, it all makes the difference to the space you create for yourself and your family as well as if the client chooses to shop with the business again or even make the sale. 

At the end of the day, I think we need to remember that we all want mostly the same thing.. a nice house and a loving family in it. I feel so lucky that I get to be part of creating warm and happy spaces for families each and every day. Businesses like Lilly & Lolly (and us!) show an old-fashioned approach and personalised service because that is what we would want for ourselves and our families. We want kindness and warmth.



On The Decorative Fringe

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