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A Love Affair with Homewares

2016 Jul 20 By Lara Walker

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much fantasise about homewares on the daily, Is there anything better than buying that new wall art that you just can’t wait to hang up and stare at, or that new shaggy throw for your bed that looks so snuggly & you can’t wait to dive into bed that night, and don’t even get me started on new cushions.

Photo credit: Bloesem Design

My love affair with homewares starting after I joined that amazing social media site we call Instagram (I could scroll for hours). I started following pages that interested me like fashion, food, celebs etc but then I stumbled into the whole interior design world & fell head over heels, there was just so many pretty news feeds with inspiration for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, you name it and I followed it, this is what also prompted me to start my degree in Interior Design.

Photo credit: Style Curator

I recently just flew the nest and moved into my own place with my Fiancé and let me tell you I never knew I was a hoarder until now, I had 2 huge packing boxes full of just homewares, (we only occupied one room at my parents’ house) this is when you know you have a serious obsession. I had and am still having an absolute blast starting from fresh and decorating my new home with my previous boxes full of homewares which now finally have places to live, but if you’re like me you still go & buy more. I am pretty sure I’ve been to Kmart for the last 5 days straight and it won’t be the last time this week.


Photo credit: Coco Lapine Design

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look like the ones you see in fancy magazines, as a known bargain hunter my favourite homeware stores include Kmart (who doesn’t love that place), Target, Adairs and Freedom. Even stores like The Reject Shop & Big W are stepping up their game and bringing out homewares that are on trend. I’m really loving the whole scandi trend with shades and materials like black, grey, white, wood and faux fur etc. I’ve been saving photos like these pictured from sites and using them as some inspiration for decorating my new home.

Photo credit: Blog Lovin'

All in all if you’re like me and love homewares then you will understand how addictive but oh so much fun it can be.



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