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2016 Jul 29 By Hannah Goodfellow

Here at On the Decorative Fringe we create e-styling packages, including mood boards, which are a perfect way to get a client to visualize the space they wish to create. To allow our clients to see what the creation of our mood boards looks like we have a deconstruction and the thoughts behind 20 of our most popular.



Nurseries are such a point of difficulty for new parents, especially when the gender of the little one is unknown. The “Neutral Nursery” was created to show the styling of the space does not have to be overly detailed. We wanted to show that the focus should be on a feeling of warmth, character and love – from then it is easy to build upon, adding colour and additional personality once you meet your little bundle.


One of our latest boards, this was created with the still very on-trend palette of pastels. Although re-styling and designing an entire room is very effective in lifting and freshening a space, we wanted to show it is not essential. OTDF offers smaller packages that help our clients to make changes in soft furnishings, artwork and lighting etc. and we wanted to express this with this board.



As our lifestyles are getting busier and busier we feel that we can assist our clients with our unique e-styling packages. “Sunday Styling” was created with the ambition of having all rooms exhibiting a feel of warmth and comfort. We want to see beautiful designer pieces creating a “Sunday feeling” on all days of the week. Aesthetically pleasing styling is nothing is it does not create a positive and homely feeling.



Offices and workspaces tend to be overlooked as a space of styling importance. Keeping your workspace, whatever your career, organised and clean is significant in providing yourself a space to produce energy and creativity. “Nurturing Nature” was created with a simple white/brown hue and textures and furnishings influenced by nature. At OTDF we strongly believe in creating mindful spaces – and this space will be a nurturing environment for its client.



Guest rooms are an opportunity for fun, quirky pieces on a neutral palette. The neutral palette allows for flexibility and change – guest or spare rooms are the best places to try out adventurous styling. Don’t waste these spaces; turn that emptiness into a creative workspace or delightful guest room. “Guest Quirk” is our perfect example of using neutral furniture and then adding subtle furnishings and character touches like unique artwork, décor and lighting.



“Romantic Relax” was created with young parents in mind – the busy life of chasing kiddies around and cleaning endless messes can certainly take away the romance. No matter what circumstance or budget a client has we are always able to achieve the style desired – in this instance replica designer furniture was used to achieve a romantic vibe for its occupants.



This cute little toddler’s space was created with a young little princess in mind – children’s spaces need to be considered and designed carefully to ensure practicality and optimal safe space for adventure. We used a Melbourne children’s furniture designer – selecting pieces like under bed storage, large drawer space and comfortable seating for parents. Adding a girly colour palette with a main feature of lavender to give a twist to the typical young girls room.



When struggling to filter down ideas and styles for a space, we really recommend trying our small mood board package. This “Sitting Pretty” board was made for a sun-drenched sitting room and shows how a small amount of pieces pulled together with the right palette can create a fresh and inviting aesthetic. We always pull our colours for soft furnishings out of artwork in a space.



Living spaces are a space for making memories, conversations, laughing and generally bringing people together. This board was created using pieces from an affordable Australian retailer, a company that we feel always gets it right when it comes to comfortable, family designer pieces. Our “Memory Mood” is an example of what would be described as a “typical” Aussie interior, but adding the style of affordable designer pieces.



“Feminine Matches” was inspired by an Easter long weekend with the family – the perfect time for hanging out with the family, eating yummy treats and long days in the sun. The idea of matching stereotypical feminine décor with more neutral pieces was used in order to create a more unique space with a fresh look. Sometimes, in order to create a unique look you don’t need to use an out-there piece, you only need to find the perfect compliment between two styles.



Most people believe that living in an apartment or a rental means that you can’t have any fun with decorating – and wait until they buy a house to begin their design dreams. However, we believe you deserve a fresh and lovely space that suits you no matter where you live. This apartment mood board was created for a fresh look in a dark and boring apartment. By simply adding some décor with character and colour you can show your personality no matter the place.



Playing around with minimal style in so much fun when talking bathroom ‘reno’s’ – especially when it is such a hot trend. As much as we encourage supporting boutique designers, we are realistic and know that that does not suit every budget or lifestyle. We created “Modern Minimal” to inspire the everyday family in their renovations/designs and show the possibilities they have in affordable Australian retailers.



This beautiful scheme came from a brief that took some time to develop. A common problem with design and styling is the overwhelming feeling of loving so many different pieces and styles and not knowing which to use in your home. The way we narrow this process down is with our specialised questionnaire – simply just asking lots of questions. The easiest way to find out what style suits a person is to ask what they want the space to feel like – do they want it to feel relaxing, warm, vibrant or engaging? Then we choose colours that compliment these feelings and so on. “Bliss Retreat” was created this way, using colours with a calming and nurturing feeling that feels like an escape from the busy surroundings.



As touched on in “Bliss Retreat” sometimes clients like the feeling of ‘escaping’ in a space in their home – artworks, furniture and décor may not be relevant to current styles and trends but sometimes that is just the point, using something that feels like a different world. Our “World Travel” mood board grew out of a love for Paris and rustic furniture and colours – through this we can create a feeling of Paris half a world away. That is the joy of interior design, creating feelings of joy and places through furniture and décor.



This mood board inspiration was taken from the Pantone colours of the year. We always believe in drawing your colour palette from the remainder of the room from its artwork. However, in this case we did it really ever so subtly because of the vibrancy of the paintings.  When using pieces with large and bold patterns it is best to keep the remainder of the décor minimal – then you allow these exciting pieces to be the heroes.



Adventure, fun and colour are so important for children’s rooms – imagination is what fuels them, they need stimulation and excitement. Children’s rooms are often the most popular interior to style as parents will always put their children first, wanting the best for them. We created this with the hope of inspiring plenty of playtime for the little one as well as keeping a lasting feeling of warmth and safety for the parents.



We see far too many interiors with no colours except of white, grey and black nowadays – although a timeless space often means keeping it simple we believe in adding colour and warmth to peoples lives. This board meant combining the two – using basic coloured major furniture pieces and accessories the soft furnishings with bold deep hues. Don’t be afraid to add colour, just use it in simple ways like cushions and artwork – things that are easy to change with time and trends.



“Mixin’ Up” was one of our first boards ever created and we just love reminiscing on the creation of it. We mixed up modern and retro styles to create a perfect match of eclectic warmth and comfort. Using replica furniture from retro styles added a timeless look to the space and quirkiness with unique and eclectic décor. We love mixing up styles and always encourage people to do it themselves – don’t ever be worried about overdoing it, the more you are scared to style, the worse or more boring it will look.



Often a very modern by definition space will tend to be quite clinical and sterile – while these sounds like a bad finish they can be complimentary when mixed with more balanced pieces. For example, we made this board with on trend colours and finishes not pieces – by utilising the different looks of each piece but connecting them with similar hues or finishes it ties the space together. Again, our favourite thing to do is mix things up and create spaces with warmth and character.



Lastly, but certainly not least “Inside Out” was inspired by none other than the magazine and some amazing romantic styling. There really is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from someone else, as long as you change it to make it your own. We loved elements and the feeling of this space shown in Inside Out but we wanted to add and remove certain things, so we decided to create this board to show our take on a very popular space. The key to take from this board is knowing even though someone else is saying someone is amazing and beautiful doesn’t make it right for your home, you need to find the right feeling and furniture for your home, the balance the allows you to feel complete and comfortable.



On The Decorative Fringe

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