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How to: Celebrate in Style

2016 Oct 02 By Hannah Goodfellow

Here at On the Decorative Fringe we are passionate about creating beautiful interiors for families to live in. Living means enjoying and using a space, not just having things that look pretty for the sake of looking pretty.

Celebrations like birthdays, anniversary’s, baby showers or just a general dinner party for friends are the perfect for being creative and adventurous.


1. Decide on a theme/concept

To create a feeling of happiness and joy for your party you need to decide on theme. The theme is going to depend on the occasion, for example a teenage girls birthday party may be a feminine vintage concept with lots of colourful florals and china tea cups. Choose a theme that suits the person that you are celebrating personality.


Photo credit: On the Decorative Fringe

2. Narrow down your colour palette

    Once you have chosen a theme or concept that suits the celebration start looking at pictures in magazines or online to narrow down the colours and types of products you want to use in your setting. Try to select only 3 main colours so that the look doesn’t get too busy.

    Photo credit: On the Decorative Fringe


    3. Draw & Plan

    Planning is a huge part of creating any space – but certainly when planning an event you want to make sure you have covered all bases: servingware, cutlery, glassware, florals, décor etc. Our biggest tip is to grab a piece of paper and a pencil and draw your space and what you need to put in it. Make sure that you have enough space is important so the table doesn’t feel busy and cramped. Use colours and shading to get a idea of how the palette will influence the mood.


    4. Create a mood board

      Along the same lines as drawing the layout, the next step is to create a mood board. Once you have made sure all the colours will work well together, you can then choose the products you will use. Lay them out on a physical or digital mood board to start building the concept.

      Photo credit: On the Decorative Fringe

      5. Have a practice run

        Before the day of your event or celebration make sure that you lay out the table as you want it to look on the day to make sure you have everything that you need. In the case of creating the perfect theme it is necessary to see everything together as it is desired to be.

        Photo credit: On the Decorative Fringe

        6. Start early

          When setting up and styling for an event always leave yourself enough time. If you think you need 2 hours give yourself 3 – the worst that will happen is things run smoothly, you have finished styling the table and you then have the opportunity to polish and double check.

          Photo credit: On the Decorative Fringe

          Celebrations are times of happiness, so don’t hold back on your styling and design choices. Add character, quirk and colour to make sure you create an individual and unique theme – don’t go over the top but allow your creativity to run wild.



          On The Decorative Fringe

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          • Wow they look lovely specially the rustic colour palette.

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