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My Simple Life

2016 Jul 29 By Meg Caris

I'm Meg (or in the instagram world @megcaris) and I live in Perth with my supportive partner of seven years, Brandon, and our little dog Penny.

Since discovering the beautiful world of Instagram in November 2015, I created my @megcaris account. I was particularly inspired by three stunning accounts - @oh.eight.oh.nine @refinendesigns  and @meldzam. I would scroll through their photos every night and eventually had a home crush on each. I became completely mesmerised.

Photo credit: Meg Caris


Photo credit: Meg Caris

Feeling inspired, I began styling my home and posting photos to my Instagram. I had an amazing response and before I knew it, I had 12k followers, all intrigued by my ability to capture simple yet beautiful designs for the home. Small businesses were asking me to style their products left right and centre.

Photo credit: Meg Caris

Photo credit: Meg Caris

In the beginning I had no clue how to take photos and while I'm still not a professional, I feel I have grown tremendously in comparison to when i first started.

Photo credit: Meg Caris

Photo credit: Meg Caris

We live a very simple life and I believe the less items we have cluttering our homes, the more time we can devote to things that are truly important to us - like family, friends and partners.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and have a read.

Meg Caris xo

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  • those palm beach candles are amazing! I have the coconut lime one and everyone comments on it when they come over and i have it burning. You have such beautiful pics. I have home envy now ;)

    Erin on
  • I love it! Can you make my house look this amazing ???

    Ebony-Paige on
  • What a beautiful home Megs love your styling, so elegant.

    Nic on
  • Meg you are very talented! Love your home. X.

    Jess on
  • Love it, very stylish well done.

    Lee-Anne Schoonens on

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