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The new indoor plant set to replace the iconic Fiddle Leaf Fig

2016 Jul 10 By Jessica Andrews

If you didn’t do your research beforehand, I’m sure you didn’t know what you were signing up for when you bought your first Fiddle Leaf.

Photo credit: Vogue Living Magazine

Parents of Fiddle Leaf Figs will know exactly where I am coming from when we talk about the tough responsibility of caring for these babies. Unfortunately just as you have finally learnt exactly how long to dip them into a bucket of water for and then drain them, bathe them in the perfect amount of sunlight, how to get rid of the black spots, when precisely to prune and repot – it’s time to welcome the new trendy indoor plant.

There is a new ‘it’ plant in town, Mediterranean native, the humble Olive Tree – or, the Olea europaea, to be precise.

Photo credit: A Must Have

This new plant also has its preferences, a generous amount of sunlight and suitable drainage – but that’s pretty much it. In fact, for those and myself included, who live in the southern and much cooler parts of Australia we know Olive Trees are a lot more tolerant of cooler climates.

Photo credit: Pinterest

This historic evergreen tree, which dates back to ancient Greece, features leathery lance-shaped leaves that are a beautiful dark green on top, and silvery on the underside. It can grow between 3 to 12 metres tall, so it’s the perfect accessory for a room with sky-high ceilings.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Another bonus is that eventually when there’s yet another ‘it’ plant – the Olive Tree will be  happily planted outdoors in a north facing section of your garden.

So after explaining to your not so humble Fiddle Leaf that he is going to have to share your home with a new brother or sister, make your may down to your local nursery this weekend and pick one of these gorgeous plants up.


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