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Ivy - White

Brent Rosenberg

  • $750.00

These digital beauties are carefully created and curated using digital artworks that often take up to 70 hours to make per piece. Each and every shape is drawn by hand and manipulated to fit like a piece in a puzzle.

There is strictly a limited print run of 50 per size per design ensuring that you are buying an exclusive art print for your home.


Art particulars 


Print Sizes:

Small - 430 x 610mm Portrait Format

Medium - 640 x 915mm Portrait Format

Large - 835 x 1117mm Portrait Format

Printed on 300gsm cotton rag paper with archival prints.

Paper Colour Options: Each size is available with a Blush or White Background.

Please allow two weeks for delivery as all prints are printed and signed to order.

Shipping Details

Australia wide deliveries of larger pieces of artwork will be sent via a courier.  

Shipping within Australia is calculated using size, weight and fragility of the item/s being shipped. This is to help ensure that your purchase arrives intact and undamaged.

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